Water and Flood Damage

What is Water or Flood Damage within the home?

Water or Flood Damage within the home is anywhere you have had water or sewerage enter the home either from outside i.e.; storms or from over flowed sink/bath or broken pipes.

Any time this happens is quite a confusing time and needs to be dealt with in the swiftest fashion possible. ChemDry Sparkle have the resources and equipment to do this very specific type of work. We are able to assess possible damage to not only Carpets but Furnishings throughout your home or Business.

How does ChemDry save your carpets and furniture?

Not all Water and Flood damage can be Restored, sometimes it is safer to Replace due to contaminants i.e.; Sewerage. This can all be assessed by us.

Firstly we assess all damaged and adjoining areas as it is amazing how far water can sneak around the home. Non affected furnishings are then moved or removed off site. Excess moisture is removed.

Drying Equipment is installed. The equipment can be noisy and inconvenient but it is extremely good at its job and a few days inconvenience is all that is needed. Carpets and furnishings are then Cleaned by Disinfectant, Sanitiser, and Bactericide to inhibit growth of Mold or Mildew.

How long does this take?

To get your home from Wet to Dry usually takes around 2-4 days to dry then a suitable time to both Yourself and ChemDry Sparkle is made to clean carpets and furniture.

What are the costs involved?

The costs vary from case to case depending on the amount of damage and the type of damage. Any Water Damage job requires ChemDry technicians to assess all areas first prior to quoting.