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Rug Cleaning in Annandale and Alexandria by the Trained Specialist

The best way to elevate the appearance of a specific area is undoubtedly purchasing a rug. Regular maintenance and cleaning ensure a prolonged life of the rug. When you decide to search for a specialised service of rug cleaning in Annandale, Chem Dry Sparkle is undoubtedly the name you should trust without any thought of doubt. Whether it is stain removal or cleaning up the messes created by the pets, we investigate and make sure that the traces of accumulated dirt and allergen have gone from your rug, turning the fibres fresh and colourful all over again.

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Steps to our rug cleaning process
Here are a few steps that we follow for rug cleaning
Step 1: Removing the clutter
Before our professionals start cleaning your rug, they make sure no signs of clutter are left such as big toys; shoes and other do not come in their way. Such objects can cause the professionals fall and pose a hindrance to carry out the process quickly. It can be performed by your before our professionals arrive at your house to make sure the rug is cleaned extensively without any obstructions.

Step 2: Relocate the furniture
Evidently, your rooms are not free from any furniture or upholstery. Some furniture such coffee table and chairs remain so close to the surface that it becomes quite difficult for the cleaners to insert their vacuum cleaner underneath the furniture. Therefore, consider it essential to replace the furniture to a different area of your house till the time our professionals are done with their work.

Step 3: Keep an eye for the stains
In most of the cases, if a particular area of your rug catches a simple stain, it will grab your attention over and over again till the time you don’t clean it up. In the case your rug has an area where more focus needs to be given to clean up a strong stain; it is recommended to communicate with our professionals so that they can take necessary actions.

Step 4: Keep the pets away
Humans can be controlled but not the pets. When our cleaners are specialising in rug cleaning in Alexandria arrive, make sure you keep the pets aside to a different location. Accident through tripping is typical in the case you don’t send off your pets to one of your friends’ home for a while.

Step 5: Make the room accessible
As our professionals come to your house for cleaning the rug, you should take the responsibility of making way for them so that they don’t have to face any obstacle while carrying their equipment and tool to other rooms. Moreover, you have to make way for the cleaners’ van to be parked outside your house.
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